Ali the Physiotherapist

“When you improve your health, you become a better version of yourself. In doing so, you become the vessel that can help others improve. And when that continues, we improve as a society.”

My goal is simple – to help create a community of healthy, strong, and indestructible individuals. We do so using hands-on/manual therapy, corrective movements/exercises, education on self-care strategies, and injury-proofing techniques. We’re called Boss Physio because I want our people to become the boss of their own health. It’s not enough to just get treated; we need to collectively become more effective ambassadors of our own health.

I created this goal because of my experience treating individuals, many of whom take a crippling victim approach to their health. They mention things like “This pain came out of nowhere”, or “I used to be fine until I started this job”, or even “I just thought it would go away”. Their intentions are always pure, and certainly, there are many things that put our health in the back seat. However, apart from time, the next important asset we have is our health. Without it, we struggle with everything else.