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As a team, we are committed to improving human health through modern therapy techniques, scientific research, and empathetic care. Our goal is to optimize health and empower individuals to achieve their best life.

Same Day Booking

Do you have an emergency? We can book you in on the same day to ensure that we get you back on your feet.

Direct Billing

We offer a hassle-free, worry-free direct billing process through several approved insurance providers.

New Patients

All current and future patients who are looking to achieve optimal, pain-free lifestyles are welcome to our clinic.

What Are You Struggling With?

Physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture can relieve pain and improve patients’ quality of life. Learn more about any of our services to help you get back to a pain-free lifestyle.


Our team helps you improve mobility, relieve pain, and promote healing.


We provide a spinal manipulation service for relief from pain and discomfort.

Massage Therapy

Relaxing touches provide ease from tension while also relieving muscle pain.

Medical Acupuncture

Full-body needle therapy treatment that helps relieve pain, stress, and anxiety.

Physiotherapy techniques that empower and improve your lifestyle.

We use techniques like exercises, manual therapy, and education to decrease pain, increase mobility, and prevent injuries. Postural correction techniques are used to improve posture, reducing the possibility of future injuries for our patients. We specialize in Manual therapy that promotes healing and reduces pain. This means that education on proper body mechanics and exercises play a crucial roll in our approach with our patients. 

Foot Pain

Physical Therapy For Plantar Fasciitis

Work at a desk? On your feet all day? If you’re in one of these two situations, chances are you need to give your feet a little TLC. Plantar fascia is a strong band of tissue at the bottom of your feet. Most of you at some point in life

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Searching for physiotherapy near me

Physiotherapy Near Me: Your Comprehensive Guide

Physiotherapy is a crucial component of modern healthcare, offering a lifeline to individuals grappling with pain, injuries, and various health conditions. The ultimate aim of physiotherapy is to alleviate discomfort and enhance the body’s natural function. If you’re scouring the internet for “physiotherapy near me,” we’ve curated this guide to

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Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Physiotherapy eases anxiety, stress via relaxation exercises and movement therapy.


A Modern Approach

Everything we do needs to make sense for your body and overall health.


Education Is A Priority.

We will help you understand everything you need to know to aid your body’s recovery.

The Road To Better Health Awaits...


Do you suffer from debilitating pain? Our passion is finding solutions to help you live without pain and reclaim your active lifestyle!

“Energy is everything” is a quote I often think about. Energy is fundamental in healing a patient. It begins at the level of one’s metabolism. Does the patient have the right composition of nutrients, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and more to function?

At the nervous system level, is energy being communicated from the brain and back to all areas of the body – and, if not then why? At the biomechanical level (i.e. our movement), are loads being transferred from the ground-up, and vice versa in an efficient manner? And at the clinical level, are we as physiotherapists using our hands to transfer energy to the right target areas? This is the approach I use to optimize my patient’s results.

“Physiotherapy is not just a job, it's my passion. Through the power of healing touch and personalized care, I strive to help my clients move beyond their limitations and live their best lives.”
Ali Dib - Clinic Owner, Registered Physiotherapist

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What Our Clients are Saying

The staff at Boss Physio are helpful, understanding, and kind. Ali is approachable and explains the treatment course thoroughly. The amenities are clean, and sanitary measures are executed to guarantee a comfortable treatment. The results and recovery exceeded expectations.
Olivia Holmes
Ali treated my torn AC joint and provided me with a strength-building plan. Within 3.5 weeks, I was able to participate in the baseball playoffs with a stronger shoulder and improved performance. I am grateful for his help.
Roberto Lopez
The team at Boss Physio is very helpful. Ali helped me solve my neck and back pain; he's excellent and extremely knowledgeable. The clinic is very professional, and I would recommend them to all my family and friends.
Julia Moore
"Boss Physio" is an excellent clinic with a kind and knowledgeable physiotherapist named Ali, who explains everything, and is great at helping patients heal. The rooms are clean, the staff is friendly and organized, and the appointment reminders are convenient. It's highly recommended, and I'd give it a five-star rating! Thank you, Boss Physio, for making me feel better.
Maria Anna