About Us

Our team is passionate about helping patients heal through physiotherapy and rehab.


Our treatment utilizes hands-on therapy. This includes detailed screening, soft tissue work, joint mobilizations, & corrective exercises – approaches that are heavily supported by research.


The clinic offers private rooms, advanced equipment, skilled therapists, and flexible scheduling. Using personalized and evidence-based treatments, therapists aim for quick and effective recovery, with high success rates.

Preparing For Your Session

After booking, you’ll receive a quick intake form. Briefly report anything important regarding your pain, injury, and dysfunction as well as relevant medical info. Your evaluation is 45 minutes long and will involve posture screening, movement screening, stress testing, and treatment. Wear something loose fitting or stretchy as this will help you move without restriction!

Full Body Evaluation And Treatment

We need to discover everything about your complaint. Our detailed assessment captures your unique posture, movement, patterns, limitations, pain-areas, and dysfunctions. This paints a complete picture on how to guide your treatment. Treatment utilizes soft tissue release, joint correction, education, and corrective exercises.

Creating A Master Plan

Every individual’s treatment plan is unique to them. Minor issues typically take 5-10 sessions to resolve. More complex issues generally require 15+ sessions. A lot is accomplished when you’re at the clinic so be prepared to loosen up, move, and learn. Additionally, we’ll equip you with tailored exercises and thorough education to maintain your results and injury-proof your future.

Physiotherapy is not just a job, it's my passion. Through the power of healing touch and personalized care, I strive to help my clients move beyond their limitations and live their best lives.

Experience and Results

Our clients speak for us! Throughout the years, we have garnered a reputation for being among the best healthcare professionals in the Durham Region. We tailor our approach to each client for optimal results in healing and rehabilitation. Take the time to review some of our expertise, and you will wish you had called us yesterday!

Our Services

Find out more about all of our services, including massage therapy and chiropractic therapy.
We Can help You With:
Neck Pain

Physiotherapy techniques for neck pain include exercises, manual therapy, posture correction, electrotherapy, and pain management strategies.

Back Pain

We provides personalized exercises, chiropractic adjustments, and therapies to heal back injuries and chronic pain.

Knee Pain

Knee Pain Therapy uses a combination of exercise, massage, and hot/cold therapy to improve mobility and reduce pain.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain treatment services offer rehabilitation techniques to alleviate discomfort and improve mobility.