Let’s Make Some Real Change

Let’s Make Some Real Change

“When you improve your health, you become a better version of yourself. In doing so, you become the vessel that can help others improve. And when that continues, we improve as a society.”

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Physiotherapy for Back Pain

Physiotherapy for Back Pain – The Miracle You’re Looking For

Physiotherapy for Back Pain - Ever have back pain so bad you think you need a miracle to fix it? I’ve been there before. Yup, a certified physiotherapist like myself. I was stuck on a dirty gym floor in pain and agony for 30 minutes after…
Shoulder physiotherapy can stop bench press pain
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6 Shoulder Physiotherapy Principles That’ll Eliminate Bench Press Pain

What does it mean to bench press without pain? I've been thinking about it a lot lately. You see, I’ve trained at the gym for most of my life. Everyone wants the answer to this question. Yet we still go on and lift as heavy as we can, regardless…
Physiotherapy Knee Exercises


I suffer from horrible knees. I could never escape the pain I was destined to feel after every basketball game. Jumping was laborious. Changing directions became slower by the minute. The problem always got to the point of no return - when the…