Oshawa Physiotherapy

Oshawa, Ontario, or “The Shwa” as many locals call it is a city of polar opposites. The Southside is the old Oshawa. It originated in the early 1800’s and is full of rich history. The Northside is where Ontario Tech University and many new developments are being created.

The automotive industry is what put the city on the map though. Oshawa is home to the headquarters of General Motors Canada, employing up to 23,000 individuals at its peak. Oshawa also attracts a number of film and tv producers, most notably: X-Men, Chicago, and Hannibal. On top of all that, It’s the home of hockey legends and proteges including Bobby Orr, Eric Lindros, and John Tavares.

I notice that there are a lot of long-standing mom-and-pop Oshawa physiotherapy clinics. They served their clients for years and continue doing so. Although physiotherapy in Oshawa has been around for quite some time, a simple audit of their websites shows they all do roughly the same thing in terms of assessment and treatment.

Although Boss Physio is stationed out of Whitby, we spend a lot of time implementing physiotherapy in Oshawa. We do this by visiting clients in their homes or doing virtual physical therapy sessions. Our goal is to make Oshawa physiotherapy accessible to everyone because it’s increasingly difficult to go directly into the clinic these days. Hence, it’s imperative that there are options for Oshawa physio practitioners to come to your doorstep.


So where do we fit in the growth of physiotherapy in Oshawa? It’s simple really. We want to bring the entire clinic to your doorstep. Our clients just need to book online or call us at 647-407-9265. Once their scheduled appointment is set to begin, all they need to do is open their front door when the physiotherapist arrives. Our physiotherapist will bring everything needed to complete the session including the treatment table, exercise equipment, soft/deep tissue release tools, and more.