Whitby Physiotherapy

Whitby, Ontario is where the heart is for Boss Physio. Spending the last 6 years working here, we’ve made a lot of friends and developed joint ventures with amazing companies and businesses in the area. They include LA Fitness Whitby, AGC Electronics Plus, Boss Auto Sales, WeddingsNMedia, AGC Media, and more. 

The common remark we get about our practice is that we’re not the “typical” approach. We’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of individuals from various walks of life. The only constant we find amongst them is the appreciation for patient-centred, one-on-one care. The type of care that can affect someone positively both physically and mentally. Care that’s inclusive of a variety of techniques. Practitioners willing to adapt to each individual according to what optimizes their health outcomes.

Physiotherapy in Whitby is something that continues to grow. We’ve spent a lot of time treating Whitby physiotherapy clients. What we’ve noticed is that there’s still a growing need for evidence-based practices that utilize hands-on and corrective exercise approaches. 

Physiotherapy in Whitby

Whitby Physiotherapy Meets Research-Supported Care

As residents are becoming more educated about the scope of physiotherapy in Whitby, the viable options for those approaches are limited. Another hole in the Whitby physiotherapy space is the lack of in-home physiotherapy care available.

To address these voids, Boss Physio came up with a system that can offer clients, regardless of the injury/loss of function, a chance to receive evidence-based care at their front door. No more worries about commuting, waiting, parking, or making it on time.

This type of care includes a detailed assessment, individualized treatment programs, one-on-one care, and education on posture/work/living environments. Our hands-on treatment techniques include soft and deep tissue release, myofascial stretching, spinal decompression, joint mobilizations, and corrective exercises tailored for you and your unique self.

Bringing the Whitby Clinic to You

The goal is to eventually create a Whitby clinic that can offer the same level of care that we provide with our in-home physiotherapy. But in the meantime, if you need physiotherapy in Whitby, simply click the “Book an Appointment” button below to schedule an in-home or virtual session. Here’s the best part:  all you need is a room with enough space for a portable treatment table. Our physiotherapist brings all the necessary equipment to you!