Physiotherapy Clinic in Whitby

Why I Chose to Build a Physiotherapy Clinic in Whitby

“Crazy” is the definition of how this whole process of building a physiotherapy clinic in Whitby happened. So, where to begin? 

Well, I come from an extensive history of building businesses. It actually didn’t matter what it was initially. I ventured into tutoring, restaurants, SEO, health & wellness, and more. You name it, I probably did something related to it. And no, nothing illegal as some of you may jokingly point out. 

I’ve also worked in countless industries including finance, accounting, pet nutrition, teaching, and training. I even sold accidental death insurance at one point… and yes, I definitely felt like the slimy salesperson who’d ask questions like “Wouldn’t you want to ensure your family isn’t left empty handed when you kick the bucket?” 

Physiotherapy Clinic Learning Experiences


Fast forward a few years and I became a Registered Physiotherapist after 7 long years of postgraduate education. There was little ol’ me with a license to practice and the motivation to be the best. I jumped around 4 different clinics, learning from unique talents in our disciplines. This was until the business bug decided to bite me again. Before you know it, I was already planning to open a physiotherapy clinic in Whitby.  

Turns out there was another bug at the time called Covid-19 that put everything on hold. Let’s not give it too much attention though. I think we’ve heard enough about it. 

Whitby has so much to offer: a fantastic food scene, a great history, lovely urban developments, fast-growing communities, great athletics programs & facilities, the business center of Durham region, the Durham District School Board, and an honest municipal government to name a few. 

Being a Whitby resident now for almost a decade, I knew my heart was in this city. If there was going to be a place to open a physiotherapy clinic it would have to be here. Anywhere from Whitby Shores, to the 4 corners, and all the way to Brooklin would do. So many memories in these areas.

We’d go to our favorite Dairy Queen and Mary Browns at the corner of Garden and Taunton. Hit up Landmark Cinemas to catch the next big movie. Take the kids to NEB’s Fun World. Eat the best pancakes from Denny’s at Consumer’s. Enjoy some of the best coffee at Jacked Up Coffee or Brock St. Espresso in downtown Whitby.   

Physio Clinic at Dryden Square


So it only made sense that when a commercial unit at Dryden Square opened up (corner of Thickson Rd and Dryden Blvd), I had to take it. Fast forward to the end of 2021, and in front of me was a lease agreement. I remember signing it with the company of my good friend Dr. Q. He himself is the owner of 2 fantastic optometry clinics in Whitby: Infinity Vision and Garden Optical

Having family and friends who also run businesses in Whitby has helped in so many ways. They include the likes of AGC Electronics Plus, Boss Auto, WeddingsnMedia, CPA Logic, Ritson Optical, and Major Airsoft – all have been instrumental in supporting our journey up until this point. 

Summer of 2022 is upon us and we’re almost done with Phase 3 of construction. It’s an honor to become a part of this amazing city from an entrepreneurial standpoint. The people here are extremely welcoming. It’s only fitting that I can begin working with people I’ve become so accustomed to meeting, training, and spending time with. 

Not to mention, the amount of support from people just passing by the clinic during construction has been reaffirming. Many of them have mentioned that they love what they’re seeing and look forward to visiting come opening day. 

Building a Physiotherapy Clinic in Whitby


It’s to put Whitby on the map in any way possible. A number of established physiotherapy clinics in Whitby already exist. Our aim is to create a culture that can breed one of the top health & wellness hubs in the city. We’re doing this by investing in a facility that is not only patient-friendly, but also clinician-friendly. 

The clinic will have a modern, energizing feel to it. All 3 treatment rooms are double the size of typical treatment rooms. This gives ample space to all patients and clinicians to do their work without bumping into anything. The open area will be equipped with treatment tables as well as resistance and cardio equipment.

We’ll be using brand new, custom, electric-lift tables from our friends at Cardon Rehab. I had the chance to visit their head office in Burlington, Ontario during a medical acupuncture seminar. They showed me arguably the most advanced, adjustable, and smooth tables I’d ever seen. I felt like a kid in a candy shop!

Whitby Physiotherapy Clinic Construction


With only a month left of prep work, we’re grinding away with the final touches to our new physiotherapy clinic in Whitby. It’s a lot of work, but I know it’ll go by very fast. 

What are the emotions I’m feeling right now? Excited, nervous, and happy. I’m really happy with all the work that’s been done thus far. We’ve got a great team here. Our landlords Choice Properties have been nothing but accommodating every step of the way. Working with the city of Whitby has been nothing but cordial.

Let’s get this thing going! Our location is at 3555 Thickson Road North, Unit 11, Whitby, ON, L1R 1Z6

Make sure to stop by and say hi! We’d love to see you