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Why I Chose to Build a Physiotherapy Clinic in Whitby

“Crazy” is the definition of how this whole process of building a physiotherapy clinic in Whitby happened. So, where to begin?  Well, I come from an extensive history of building businesses. It actually didn’t matter what it was initially. I ventured into tutoring, restaurants, SEO, health & wellness, and more. You name it, I probably […]

Looking for the Best Physiotherapy in Whitby?

How to Find the Best Physiotherapy in Whitby Where is the best physiotherapy in Whitby? Who is the best physiotherapist in Whitby?  The vast majority of folks dealing with an injury or pain likely want the best of the best to manage their treatment.  I personally know many who are amazing at what they do. […]

4 Reasons Your Physical Therapy for Tennis Elbow Isn’t Working

Physical Therapy for Tennis Elbow Let’s not sugar-coat this, physical therapy for tennis elbow can be annoying. What’s more annoying is that the name of this injury is misleading. You don’t have to be Roger Federer to be at risk of developing it. Tennis elbow can affect anyone who uses their hands repeatedly for work. […]

Injury-Proofing is One the Core Benefits of Physiotherapy

Imagine doing what you want without worrying if your body will hurt or fall apart. Now stop imagining. Many of us believe that injuries are “part of life.” As if we can expect it no matter what we do. Not only is that wrong, but it’s also backwards thinking. As I discuss the benefits of […]